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Nous assurons la conformité à la TVA afin que vous puissiez vous concentrer sur votre développement à l’international.

Un point de contact unique dans plus de 30 pays

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Nos Services

Accounting and audit

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Company financial statements

  • Bookkeeping

  • Profits Tax Computation

  • Hong Kong Tax Filing 

Documents Legalisation

  • By verifying the signature, stamp or seal, the document can then be used in another country

  • Notarise Documents

  • Handle Apostille

Sourcing administration preparation 

  • Consolidation and warehouse arrangement

  • Logistics arrangement

  • Communication with suppliers

  • Invoicing preparation 

  • Letter of credit preparation 

  • Product certification application (e.g: CE / FCC)

  • Quality control on site

Bank account opening

  • Help foreigners to open corporate bank as they might lack information, networks, languages or communications.

  • Provide professional advice on writing business plan for bank account opening

  • Review all documents and submit them to the bank

  • Communicate with bank on behalf of client

Payroll and HR

  • Set up the internal company payroll functions

  • MPF calculation

  • Staff bonus and commission calculation

  • Tracking and managing of AL / SL / Child Care Leave

  • Staff insurance

  • Head count repo

Working visa

  • Provide advices regarding working visa application.

  • Prepare tailor-made checklist of documents for applicants

  • Communicate with Immigration departments on behalf of applicants

  • Monitor application process

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