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VAT refund

Claim a VAT refund when a non-EU company is charged VAT on business activities

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EU VAT refund

Who can get a VAT refund?
You need to be a company in order to claim VAT refund and some countries request to have a fiscal representative to apply for the VAT recovery.


VAT refund through 13th directive or 9th Directive?
If your country has a double agreement with the targeted country, your are entitled to get VAT refund.
Regulation and exceptions will change depending on the country or product type. We will help to get your VAT refund once or severals times per year.
EU Companies will apply the refund through 9th Directive and non EU companies will apply through 13th Directive.  

What VAT can be refunded?
- Importation
- Hotel and accommodation 
- Restaurants
- Exhibition and conference costs etc

Check with us directly to see what else you can reclaim. 


If there is VAT/GST involved, we help to claim it back and refund you.

EU VAT refund process

One of our VAT experts will analyse your case and check all the documents to ensure your company is entitled to a VAT refund.

Understand your needs and do a study

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Our team will submit the application and be responsible for all the communication with the administration on behalf of your company. 

Submit the VAT refund application and do follow up

Our team will check all the purchase/ sales/ importation/ exportation etc to ensure the VAT application can be effective in the specific country.

Documents check

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Talk to one of our experts in order to expand the business in the most efficient way.

Ready to get started? 


Global Trade Business provides the smartest solutions and simplest procedures at the highest standard.

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