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Economic Operators Registration and Identification system (EORI)

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 It serves as a standardised means of identification across EU member states, ensuring smooth and efficient customs operations while enhancing compliance with customs regulations.

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What is an EORI number?

EORI stands for Economic Operator Registration and Identification. An EORI number is a unique identification number assigned to businesses or individuals engaged in customs activities within the European Union (EU). It is used for customs and trade-related purposes and serves as a means of identification across all EU member states.

An EORI number is valid and recognized across all EU member states. Once an entity is assigned an EORI number in one member state, it can be used for customs operations in any other EU country.

When do you need an EORI number?

  1. Importing and Exporting Goods: An EORI number is typically mandatory for businesses or individuals engaged in importing goods into an EU member state or exporting goods from an EU member state to a destination outside the EU. It is used for customs declarations, clearance procedures, and customs controls associated with these activities.

  2. Transit of Goods: If you are involved in the transit of goods through EU territory, such as transporting goods from one non-EU country to another via an EU member state, an EORI number is typically required. This includes activities related to customs transit procedures, such as the use of transit guarantees and ensuring compliance with transit regulations.

  3. Customs Declarations: EORI numbers are used for customs declarations, including the submission of import or export documents and the provision of required information to customs authorities. If you are involved in customs declaration activities, such as preparing or lodging declarations on behalf of yourself or others, an EORI number is typically necessary.

  4. Customs Authorizations: Certain customs authorizations, permits, or simplifications require an EORI number. For example, if you are applying for or holding authorizations such as customs warehousing, inward processing, or temporary admission, you will likely need an EORI number.

  5. Participation in Customs Procedures or Programs: EORI numbers may be required for participation in specific customs procedures or programs. This includes customs regimes such as customs warehousing, temporary admission, or customs special procedures like processing under customs control or outward processing. These procedures often require an EORI number to identify the economic operator involved.

When do you include the EORI number?

You should Include your EORI number in customs declarations, commercial invoices, transport documents, customs authorizations, and correspondence with customs authorities.



UK has left the EU on 1st Jan, 2021.


There have been some changes about the work and trade relationship between EU and the UK.


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