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VAT registration in France is the process of formally enrolling a business with the French tax authorities to collect and remit Value Added Tax on taxable transactions.

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VAT registration in France

When do you need to register a French VAT number?

  1. Selling Goods or Services: If you are selling goods or providing services in France, you are required to obtain a French VAT number and charge VAT on your sales.

  2. Distance Selling: If you are engaged in distance selling, which involves selling goods to customers in France from another EU country, you need a French VAT number if your annual turnover from distance selling exceeds €35,000 (excluding VAT).

  3. Importing Goods into France: If you import goods into France from outside the EU, you generally need a French VAT number to handle the VAT obligations related to the importation.

  4. Intra-EU Transactions: If you are involved in intra-EU transactions, such as acquiring goods from other EU countries, you may need a French VAT number to account for the VAT under the EU VAT rules.

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Fiscal representative in France

The fiscal representative is responsible for ensuring that the non-resident company complies with all French VAT rules and regulations, including the submission of VAT returns and payment of VAT, as well as representing the non-resident company in any tax-related matters or disputes.


In general, a fiscal representative is required when a non-resident company has no permanent establishment or fixed place of business in France.

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