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VAT registration thresholds

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In the table below, you can find the VAT registration thresholds for all EU countries (as of 2023) 

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Austria (AT)EUR 35,000

Belgium (BE)EUR 25,000

Czech Republic (CZ)EUR 37,800 (CZK 2,000,000)

Denmark (DK)EUR 6,708 (DKK 50,000)

Estonia (EE)EUR 40,000

Finland (FI)EUR 15,000

France (FR)EUR 34,400

Germany (DE)EUR 22,000

Greece (GR)None (EUR 10,000 for distance sales)

Hungary (HU)EUR 34,164 (HUF 12,000,000)

Ireland (IE)EUR 37,500

Italy (IT)None (EUR 10,000 for distance sales)

Latvia (LV)EUR 40,000

Lithuania (LT)EUR 45,000

Luxembourg (LU)EUR 35,000

Netherlands (NL)EUR 25,000

Poland (PL)EUR 43,800 (PLN 200,000)

Portugal (PT)EUR 25,000 (one-time taxable events)

Slovak Republic (SK)EUR 49,790

Slovenia (SI)EUR 50,000

Spain (ES)None (EUR 10,000 for distance sales)

Sweden (SE)

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