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France has a value-added tax (VAT) system known as "Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée" (TVA) with a standard rate of 20% and reduced rates of 5.5% and 10% for certain goods and services.

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EU VAT Registration

VAT is a tax which applies to all goods and services that are brought and sold for use or consumption in EU.

VAT rates are different in each EU countries and they are also depend on the types of products. VAT are taxes that should be paid by individuals only (exception apart) Our goal is to help you to implement a business model without any VAT.


We can be your fiscal representative to assist your compliance in VAT obligations. 

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EU VAT returns

When the company has the VAT number, it can start doing business in the target country and charge VAT on every sales.

VAT returns or declaration for intra-community trade have to be done regularly. It can be monthly, quarterly or annually. In some of the countries, annual return is also required. 

The deadlines for VAT returns are not the same in every country.

EU VAT registration and returns process

Understand your business operation and needs

Have a free consultation call with us.

One of our VAT experts will review your business activities and understand your needs to identify the VAT obligations. 

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Our team will ensure to have all the right data and documents. After checking all information, our local team will proceed to VAT registration. The duration of registration process depends on the country.

Collect required data and documents 

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When you have the VAT number, you need to provide us all the declaration materials to file the VAT return on time.

Receive the VAT number and submit VAT returns

Is EORI required?

What is an EORI number?
EORI stands for “Economic Operators Registration and Identification number”. It is a number which can be used by the EU customs authories to track and exchange information for statistical and security purposes.

Who needs an EORI number?
- all the companies within EU which needs to export or import goods from or to outside of EU.
- companies based outside of EU but trade within EU

How to apply for an EORI number?
You might need the help from a professional to register for the EORI number to ensure all the paperwork is completed correctly.

Is the EORI and VAT number the same thing ?
No it's not. the EORI number use the VAT as base. The VAT Number is for each country when the EORI number works all accros Europe

How to check the EORI number?
All EORI numbers can be checked on the offical European Commission website.


UK has left the EU on 1st Jan, 2021.


There have been some changes about the work and trade relationship between EU and the UK.


Contact us to understand what would happen next about the Brexit deal and get the VAT and EORI number.


Talk to one of our experts in order to expand the business in the most efficient way.

Ready to get started? 


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